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A list of European countries that have Digital Nomad Visas

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa is tailored for marketing, digital, and tech profes­sionals seeking the freedom of remote work and the excitement of travel without the constr­aints of typical tourist visas.

Unlike standard work visas, Digital Nomad Visas enable profes­sionals to reside in a foreign country while working remotely for a company based elsewhere.

How many are there?

35 Million!

There are 35 million Digital Nomads around the World! WOW! Would you ever be interested in learning more about working abroad with Digital Nomad Visas?

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Find the EU Country

• Albania
• Armenia
• Croatia
• Czech Republic
• Cyprus
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Georgia
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Malta
• Montenegro
• Nether­lands
• Norway
• Portugal
• Romania
• Spain


Working remotely with a digital nomad visa is exciting but comes with comple­xities and logistical challe­nges. As more digital and tech profes­sionals explore this flexible option, it's crucial to understand both its benefits and drawbacks. Before you set off, be fully prepared for the profes­sional and personal implic­ations.

And Outside of Europe?

• Bangkok, Thailand
• Tokyo, Japan
• Buenos Aires, Argentina
• Mexico City, Mexico
• Seoul, South Korea
• Kuala Lumpur, Malasya
• Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Penang, Malaysia
• Athens, Greece
• Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

There are so many places you can work from around the world!
Source: Nomadlist


• More flexib­ility to travel
• A more relaxed lifestyle styles
• A boost for the local economy


• The visa process can be long and tedious
• It’s a temporary visa
• Tax compli­cations (you might be double taxed!)
• You need to be self motivated and discip­linated
• There's a growing tension and social conflict with locals in some areas popular for digital nomads


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