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On-page SEO Essentials Cheat Sheet by

Over the past few years, Google has released several updates to their search engine algorithm. Those updates set augmented rules on how owners should structure their sites for link building, both build incoming links and use anchor text for outgoing links. Despite the updates, however, on-page SEO hasn’t really changed all that much. Every on-page SEO task is really for the user’s benefit. In this on-page SEO cheat sheet, I’m going to show you the essential things to pay attention to:

Site speed

Why speed matters
More Loading time, more bounce rate, Reduce conversion rate
Expected loading time
Open site within 2 seconds
Reason of slowing down
Duplicate conten­t,U­nne­cessary plug-i­ns,­Uno­pti­mized image and Graphics

Meta Tags

Title Tag
"­Should be short,­clear and descri­ptive. Within 50-60 charac­ter­s"
Meta Descri­ption
Should be within 160 charac­ter­,Apear on organic search­,Search engine evaluate your topic

Creating Quality content

It is backbone of On-page SEO
Better content drives more traffic, People want to know your businees through content
Type of Content
Intere­sting to read, Added value, well written, Problem solving, Keyword optimized
User Experience
Content should be for the users not for the search engine, Cosistnecy of publishing content
Content Management
Ask, Listen, Respond, Social share, Video blog

Optimizing Crawla­bility

Making the content readable to Google
How to?
Putting necessary TAGS and subhea­dings, Submission on Webmaster, Interl­inking
Improve ranking in copetitive sense,
URL Structure
Key word, Category, Modifier, Date of posting, Do not change the structure of older post

Mobile Friendly

Reason of making mobile friendly website
Graph of smartphone user rising consis­tently, Panda update emphasis on repons­iveness
Increasing Mobile user
Curent location, Envior­nmrntal factors, Recent transa­ction, User prefer­ences, Nereby merchants

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