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Just a plain old innocent playing, look out for suspicous behaviour of the traitors and other evil roles


On the innocent team, has access to a limited version of the store with a mixture of Traitor and Detective gear



Spawns as a altern­ative to the detective, has access to a magnifying glass that allows


The spy is on the innocent team however they appear as a traitor to the other traitors



The priest is an innocent player who is given a golden deagle, with the deagle you can shot an innocent play to confirm their innocences and add them to the brother hood. However shooting a traitor will kill you and shooting a detective or sniffer will make them lose health.


Just a plain ol Traitor player, aim to kill all non traitor players, able to access the weapon shop via 'c'


On the traitors team, does bonus damage to an assigned target but reduced damage to all other players.


The vampire is on the traitors team, he has a bloodlust meaning he needs to kill a player at least every minute otherwise he will begin to lose health. He also has something to do with turning into a bat so heck




As the Jester you want to be killed by other players, you do not damage with weapons. You also take no fall damage and reduced explosive damage.

Serial Killer

You are on your own team, you need to kill all other players to win


Infected player is on his own team, his goal is to convert all living players into infected. The starting infecetd player can kill other players to turn them into infecetd. The following infected players have 30 health and can only melee other players.


Pirate Captain

The pirate captain spawns with a contract that he can give to another player to force all pirates to work on the team of the current contract holder.


Pirate fights for the side that owns his contract which is a physical item



The body guard is assigned a player they must protect, if their player dies they are killed as well


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