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6 Types of Professors That You'll Have in College Cheat Sheet by

College professors are a strange bunch as a collective group, and they usually fall into one of a few categories. Over the course of your college career, it's almost a guarantee you'll be sitting in a classroom with some of the following personalities running the show at some point.

Surpri­singly Attractive

College professors are supposed to be old men with gray beards and patches on their coat elbows, filled with years of knowledge from their worldly advent­ures, right? That's why it's especially disarming when faced with a professor who looks like he just stepped out of a modeling photo shoot.

Stand-Up Comic

Some college professors can't resist the opport­unity to engage an audience, even if they are paying good money to be learning. When these teachers lecture, it's sometimes debatable whether education or entert­ainment is their primary goal.

Tries Too Hard to Relate

There's often a genera­tional disconnect between professors and students, and that's to be expected. There are always those college profes­sors, however, that want to prove youth hasn't passed them by, and it's pretty obvious how much they want the students to agree with that notion.

Hard to Understand

College professors come from a variety of ethnic backgr­ounds, and sometimes their accents and dialects aren't very well geared toward the natives in the region. Be prepared to spend the entire semester straining to understand every utterance, hoping that a misund­erstood word doesn't mean the difference between passing and failing.

Impossible Standards

Some professors take their classes a little too seriously. When the mid-terms roll around and you find half your fellow classmates have failing grades, you'll know when you've happened across one of these teachers.

Yawn Inducer

The curriculum in most college courses doesn't read like a best-s­elling fiction novel. Add a teacher with a monotone delivery who lacks the ability to keep his students engaged into the mix, and you have a perfect recipe for dozing off.


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