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HDS SME TASKS Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

CHAT - Store Associate Requests

Change RMS status: Only possible live from Shipped to Complete. Any other combin­ation needs an escalation under the same topic as the endgoal + chatter @BBYCE Leadership
Address Change: Allow an escalation if done by a Store Manager, else, we follow the same limita­tions on them as online orders. If the change is incomp­atible, the store needs to cancel and redo their purchases
Cancel­/Co­nvert a Store Stock Transa­ction to become a Delivery: They can cancel the transa­ction themselves and redo it as a RIP delivery
Set an Invoice to be a (Fly By) Same Day Delivery: Transfer to the Driver’s Escalation Line
Map/Add a Postal Code: HDS Address Change Escalation + Chatter to @HDCE Leadership
Reschedule Pickups: HDS Reschedule Escalation + Chatter to @BBYCE Leadership
Invoices missing from RIP: For Fitness Equipm­ent­/Ap­pli­ances, have them email asachd­s@a­lor­ so we can process the ticket
Store Associate Requests


Route Delays
Strip Carrie­r/BBY staff contact info. Forward to HDS agents, CC asachd­s@a­lor­
Agent Requests
Emails to carriers as per the Batline docume­nta­tion. Ticket requests.
HDS SME Report
Review comments and attached file. Coach agents by email. Validate cases using the new escalation guidelines and action as approp­riate. (Any queue assignment can be done by a TL)
SDR Inbox
Review forms submitted throughout the day for errors and ask the agent to resubmit.
Social Media Escala­tions
Review, action, and Reply All


All Cases
Verify they are valid and all info is complete as well as call flow has been correctly followed
Combine and close duplicate cases or multiple cases for the same customer
Update comments for any cases actioned
Delivery Window Inquiry (Assigned to Zouhir)
Update to correct case type, close or assign to "L2 HDCE transa­ction Team - Priori­ty" Queue
Address Change
Follow call flow and close for minor updates
Assign to "L2 Transa­ction Team Priori­ty" to contact carrier for approved major changes
Action invoices in "­Sch­edu­led­" Status
Assign to "L2 HDCE Transa­ction Team - Priori­ty" for any invoices needing action that are not in "­Sch­edu­led­" status
Delivery Instru­ctions
Review and assign to "L2 HDCE Transa­ction Team Priori­ty" to update carrier
Check Clear D, update custom­er/­store if delivery or reschedule is already completed then close
Special Delivery Time Frame
Verify valid criteria (i.e. busine­ss/­bui­lding w/ elevator) and proper expect­ations have been set with the customer
Submit RSS form if above is confirmed otherwise follow-up with customer
Assign to "L2 HDCE Transa­ction Team Priori­ty" once the RSS form has eben submitted


Use the HDS Compla­int­s/E­sca­lations flow case relating to the customer’s need to discuss the situation over the phone. If they insist, take the call.