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Weird Science Devices Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A personal cheat sheet for a Pathfinder game

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Weird Science Device Rules

An artificer is not a spellc­aster, but instead possesses the ability to imbue items with magical power. This weird science allows the artificer to create devices that combine the effects of one or more spells, either arcane or divine.

An artificer has access to both arcane and divine spell lists, but only up to 4th level. Any number of spells can be combined into a single device. Spell statistics (casting times, etc.) remain unchanged, although no components are required and the artificer is considered the “caster” for the purposes of CL.

Weird science devices must be invented in advance, however — they cannot be created on the fly. The time to create such devices is 4 hours per spell level used. As such, an artificer usually has a fixed collection of regula­rly­-ca­rried devices.

Weird science devices are temporary and unreli­able. They are able to be used reliably a number of times per day equal to 1 plus half the class level of the artificer who built the device (rounding up, natura­lly). The device may be used by anyone — but if used by someone other than the artificer who built it, it requires a Use Magic Device roll at DC 15 to activate (a failed roll indicates that the device fails to activate for that user, and a roll of 1 means that the device breaks down for good).

If the device is used more times than allowed (by anyone), it requires a Use Magic Device skill check with a DC equal starting at 20 and rising by 1 every additional time the device is used. A failed roll means that the device breaks down and may not be used again (the artificer will have to build another).

Combining multiple magical effects into a single device means that both effects function simult­ane­ously upon activation (effec­tively casting two or more spells at once) — but such devices are even more unstable than usual: The Use Magic Device check for extra activa­tions starts at DC 25 + the number of effects used, and goes up for each additional usage by the number of effects used.


Roderick, a 5th level artificer, invents an electr­oma­gnetic projector — a gun which emulates the effect of the 3rd level wizard spell, lightning Bolt. It will have a range of 120 feet, and do 5d6 points of electr­icity damage to any target. This device will take Roderick 12 hours to build. It can be fired 4 times per day before becoming unreliable (Use Magic Device, DC 20 +1 for each additional use).

If Roderick had decided to combine lightning Bolt, inflict light wounds (2nd level Cleric spell) and shield (1st level Wizard) into his gun, giving him a weapon which does 5d6 electr­icity damage at 120′ range, 1d8+5 points of damage if you use touch attack, and bestows a +4 shield bonus to AC for 1 min/level errata, it would have taken him 24 hours to complete. The gun would be able to be fired 4 times per day (Use Magical Device, DC 28 +3 for each additional use).