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The Fleek Formula Cheat Sheet by

Grow your self esteem with these simple tricks

In the presence of a girl

Wear clean and nice shoes
Shoes should be the corner­stone of your style. Nice shoes are the essential final piece for every outfit you put together
Find colours that work for you
If you wear the correct colors for your skin tone, you will accentuate your good looks, whereas, wearing the wrong colors will be unflat­tering. As a rule, bright red, pale pink, teal, and eggplant, look good on all skin types
Dress for your body type
See relevant info about that here : http:/­/bi­t.l­y/1­ypXYv3
Wear clean and wrinkl­e-free clothes
Take your clothes to the dry cleaner, or wash your clothes after you wear them, being careful to fold or hang them so they do not wrinkle.

At Work

Dress business formal if you work with customers in a profes­sional setting, such as a bank or office.
Business formal usually means wearing a suit, tie, dress slacks, and dress shoes.
Dress business casual if you work in a non-pr­ofe­ssional setting such as in retail, in a restau­rant, or in customer service.
Business casual should still look profes­sional but does not require you to wear a suit and tie.
Dress to look older
If you’re still wearing clothes that scream “student days” you’re going to be treated like a boy with no experience in the real world. Buck the trend, age your look a little, and get the respect you deserve from older men.
If your work enviro­nment accepts this, roll up your sleeves.
This little trick will unconc­iously tell your boss that you are "­ready to work" . How to do it proper: http:/­/bi­t.l­y/1­C6tLD9

With your friends

Own your style
You have to express your own style because nobody likes a person that is copying somebody else. Friends will be the first who notice that.
Don't pay attention to their critiques, unless they have a motive
We all know that friends say bad things about us sometimes. You don't have to listen to their critiques and just dress however you like . But in some cases you need to pay attention to their motive, the next tip will be relevant in from this point of view.
If you have really close friend­s,b­usiness partners, or a group
Make sure that all of your outfits are on point, let's say you go somewhere together. This will increase the chances of people to look at you from a positive perspe­ctive
Be yourself !
You shouldn't care too much about how you look in the presence of your friends, in the end they are your people.

In the club/t­hea­tre­/etc...

Don't wear your nicest clothes.
And let's be honest: no one's really going to appreciate the subtle lilt of your cashmere windowpane sports coat — not in this light, and not in here.
Don't wear black.
This may sound counte­rin­tui­tive, but listen: clubs tend to be festooned with black-­light bulbs.
Don't check your coat.
Wear something that can survive the heat inside without you having to survive the coat-check line or whatever the hell is happening to your overcoat stuffed in the banquet over there.
Do not, under any circum­sta­nces, wear sungla­sses.
The whole concept is kind of obnoxious, really. And besides, sunglasses inhibit your ability to get a good look at whether a woman is as attractive as upon first glance.


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