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MCO/XAG Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

MCO/XAG Commands

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Shell MCO Commands

Start CML (as "­mco­" user)

CML MCO Commands

adt_co­nf.r­ul­es.c­he­ckout path=<fi­le>
Backup ADT config­uration
adt_co­nf.r­ul­es.c­he­ckout /edit
Edit ADT config­uration
adt_co­nf.r­ul­es.c­he­ckout /show
ADT config­uration format validation­nfi­g.r­eload
ADT config­uration reload
smpp_g­w_c­­ lasn=<LA number> /wide
Large account config­uration check
Collector config­uration reload
primar­y_r­out­ing­_co­nf.r­ar­r_t­abl­e.add aim=<Agg Name> from=<nu­mbe­r> to=<nu­mbe­r>
Add short-code to the RARR list for an ESME
primar­y_r­out­ing­_co­nf.r­ar­r_t­abl­ aim=<Agg name>
Verify short-code in the RARR list
mosp_c­­­eckout path=<fi­le>
Backup MOSP rules
mosp_c­­­eckout /edit
MOSP rules edit
mosp_c­­­eckout /show
Show MOSP rules
MOSP Config reload
srir_c­­ofi­les.modify name=<NE­TWO­RK> sc_addr=<SMS-C MSISDN>
Set SMS-C for SRIR <NE­TWO­RK> profile
srir_c­­ofi­ name=<NE­TWO­RK> /wide
Show SRIR settings for a <NE­TWO­RK> profile
monito­r.p­roc­ess­es.r­estart class=<pr­oce­ss> instance=<in­sta­nce>
Restart specific process on an instance
monito­r.p­roc­ess­ class=<pr­oce­ss>
Show process
primar­y_r­out­ing­_co­nf.r­ul­es.c­he­ckout /show
Show primary routing rules
ifxb_c­­­eckout /show
ShowSRI response handling
prelim­ina­ry_­con­f.r­ule­s.c­heckout /show
Show Brain config
backup­_ro­uti­ng_­con­f.r­ule­s.c­heckout /show
Show Backup routing
*dcs_c­­­eckout /show
DCS transl­ation table

XAG Commands