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Snow Usage Cheat Sheet by

This is a breakdown of the most common uses of Snow, a Steganography tool.


Compress the data if concea­ling, or uncompress it if extrac­ting.
Quiet mode. If not set, the program reports statistics such as compre­ssion percen­tages and amount of available storage space used.
Report on the approx­imate amount of space available for hidden message in the text file. Line length is taken into account, but other options are ignored.
-p password
If this is set, the data will be encrypted with this password during concea­lment, or decrypted during extrac­tion.
-l line-l­ength
When appending whites­pace, snow will always produce lines shorter than this value. By default it is set to 80.
-f messag­e-file
The contents of this file will be concealed in the input text file.
-m messag­e-s­tring
The contents of this string will be concealed in the input text file. Note that, unless a newline is somehow included in the string, a newline will not be printed when the message is extracted.
Synopsis: snow [ -CQS ] [ -p passwd ] [ -l line-len ] [ -f file | -m message ] [ infile [ outfile ]]


The following command will conceal the message "I am lying" in the file infile, with compre­ssion, and encrypted with the password "­hello world". The resulting text will be stored in outfile.
snow -C -m "I am lying" -p "­hello world" infile outfile
To extract the message, the command would be

Note that the resulting message will not be terminated by a newline.
snow -C -p "­hello world" outfile
To prevent line wrap if text with concealed whitespace is likely to be indented by mail or news readers, a line length of 72 or less can be used. snow -C -l 72 -m "I am lying" infile outfile
snow -C -l 72 -m "I am lying" infile outfile
The approx­imate storage capacity of a file can be determined with the -S option.
snow -S -l 72 infile
Note for Compre­ssion: SNOW provides rudime­ntary compre­ssion, using Huffman tables optimised for English text. However, if the data is not text, or if there is a lot of data, the use of the built-in compre­ssion is not recomm­ended, since an external compre­ssion program such as compress or gzip will do a much better job.


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