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Camtasia Studio Cheat Sheet by

Tips for using Camtasia Studio

Clean Up Your Desktop

You are recording your computer. Be sure to clean up your desktop so that it does not have extra icons that become distra­cting.


Use a USB microphone and headset that will plug into your computer. Your sound quality will be better.

When Recording On Your Computer

Give some time at the start of the recording before you begin speaking
Do not move the mouse while you are introd­ucing a new step. It is easier to edit out text if you don't have cursor movement. Cursors randomly jumping around is distra­cting.
Test your microp­hone. Be sure your sound levels are good. Play back tests. Watch breathing and swalling sounds.

Audio Setup

Before starting to edit set Camtasia to clean up some of the audio.
*Click the Audio icon
*Click Enable Noise Removal (this cleans up background noise)
*Click Advanced
*Click Remove Clicks then adjust click sensit­ivity (This reduces the click sounds from typing and mouse clicking). (Mine is currently set to 22)

Separate Audio and Video Track

To separate audio and video tracks:
Right click on the track containing the audio and video (usually Track 2).
Choose Separate audio and video

Track size

Use the magnifying glass slider on the left side to increase the size of the timeline. This shows more detailed times allowing you to more accurately edit audio and video.

Select a Segment of Audio

To select a segment of a track for editing or removal:
Click the red slider and drag it to the right. Leave it at the place you think you want to end the segment.
Click the greenn slider and drag it to the left. It should be about where you want the segment to begin
To play just that segment, click the Space Bar. The segment will play
To adjust the start or end of the segment, drag the corres­ponding green or red slider.
Continue to tap the space bar to play the segment until you have just what you want selected.


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