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5 Microcontroller Cheat Sheets

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5 Cheat Sheets tagged with Microcontroller

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7 Pages
Internet of Things (IoT) Security best practices, standards, software, cloud and hardware
1 Jun 23
5 Pages
Cheat sheet para la asignatura de Informática Industrial de GIEI en la Universidad de Cádiz (UCA)
4 Mar 24, updated 4 Jun 24
1 Page
When dealing with software close to hardware, these bit hacks might come in handy. From setting and getting to parity and calculations.
16 Sep 16
6 Pages
This Cheat Sheet is part of the Ultimate AVR Cheat Sheet Project. This part of the project teaches the basic syntax of the Assembly language for AVRs and brings some tips and tricks on how to program AVR microcontrollers using Assembly language. Caution: All code examples were written to be compatible with AVRASM2 Assembler from Microchip Technology Incorporated (formerly Atmel Corporation). If you use a different assembler program, you must adapt the codes to your program syntax.
27 Feb 23

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