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Magic in Warhammer Role Play Cheat Sheet by

Magic as Played in WHFRPG 2nd

Casting Magic Pre-Re­qui­sites

Magic Charac­ter­istic of 1 or More
Must Know the Channeling Skill
Must Speak an Arcane Language
Must have atleast one of the talents; Petty Magic, Arcane, Dark, or Divine Lore

Channeling and Ingred­ients

Two main methods to increase your chances to succes­sfully cast a spell.

*Make a Channeling Skill Test
*Use Special Ingred­ients

Chan­nel­ing: Is a half action, so is casting a spell. So use this before you attempt to cast to give you a bonus to your casting roll that is equal to your Magic Charac­ter­istic. Use your Will score for attempts.

Ingr­edi­ents +1 to +3 to Casting roll. You must be in posession of items. GM's discre­tion.

Casting Magic

1. Look at Casting Number and Casting Time
2. Decide Rather to Use Channeling or Ingred­ients
3. Apply any modifiers such as armor penalties, protective circle bonuses, or other 'outside' influences to roll.
4. Caster can roll 1d10 to a maximum of his Magic Charac­ter­istic.
5. If you can perform the spell in round, then the rolled number + any modifiers must be equal to or higher than the spell's Casting Number.
6. If it requires more than 1 turn to cast or channel and cast, then concen­tration must be kept.
7. Determine any failures, curses, or side effects.

Limita­tions and Modifiers

Must be able to speak or move freely
Must be able to moderately concen­trate. If not, make a channeling test.
Protective Circles requires a half action to create and requires a channeling test.
Light Armor: -1 Casting Roll
Medium Armor: -3 Casting Roll
Heavy Armor: -5 Casting Roll
Shield: -1 Casting Roll
If in an area where the winds of magic are strong and the spell's lore matches +2 Casting Roll

Automatic Failure

If all d10's come up as 1, the spell fails. Also must make a Will Power Test, if failed, caster gets +1 Insanity.

Tzeentch's Curse (Arcane)

If you are an arcane spellc­aster, Tzeentch’s Curse takes effect when you
roll doubles, triples, or quaclr­uples on your Casting Roll. Equates to a Minor, Major, and Catast­rophic Chaos Manife­sta­tions tables.

Despite Tzeentclfs Curse, if you meet or beat the Casting Number, the
spell is still cast succes­sfully.

Wrath of the Gods (divine)

If you are a divine spellc­aster, when you roll doubles or triples on your
Casting Roll, you must roll on The Wrath of the Gods table.

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