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Combat in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Summary of Combat Mechanics

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Combat in Turn

1. Roll Initit­ative - Agility Stat + 1d10
2. List Order of All Involved
3. Determine Surprise If Relevant
4. Players Perform Actions in Initiative Order
5. End Round

Action Times

Full Action
Requires full attention; no additional actions allowed
Half Action
Fairly simple, player can take two half actions per round
Free Action
No real limit; GM's discretion
No more than 1 attack action and No more than 1 Cast Spell action

Making an Attack

1. Roll to Hit with Percentile Dice (2d10). Use WS for melee and BS for ranged. Must roll under WS or BS.
2. Determine Location of Hit Reverse the attack roll and consult below:
01-15 Head
16-35 Right Arm
36-55 Left Arm
56-80 Body
81-90 Right Leg
91-100 Left Leg
3.Apply and Perform Any Parry/­Dodge Make a weapon skill test to attempt to parry an incoming blow. Can use only if two weapons OR you entered parrying stance (half action)
4. Roll Damage Roll 1d10 + Weapons base Damage
5 Subtract Modifers Reduce damage with opponents Toughness Bonus, and any armor bonus