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Mundo Hispano: Exploration+Settlement Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Exploration and settlement of the Caribbean

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Spanis­h-s­peaking countries

Central America
South America

Castile and Religion

Push to create single faith state
Jews expelled if they didn't convert to Christ­ianity
Loss of expertise in arts/s­cie­nce­/ed­uca­tio­n/m­edi­cin­e/t­rad­e/c­ommerce
These Sephardic Jews' descen­dants have recently given the right to recover their Spanish identity after 5+ centuries

Taino People

Popula­tio­n=A­pprox. 1 million
Various diff. groups
Native religion, many gods
Sedentary popula­tion, lived in settle­ments
Metril­ineal- Lineage traced through Maternal line
Initially welcomed Columbus
Rebellion due to Spanish abuse
Final rebellion came too late to succeed

Decline of Taino Population

Diseases brought by Spanish
Ill treatment/ Slave labour
New animal­/plants from Europe­=Di­srupted native life
711-Muslim invasion of Iberian Peninsula
1492-End of the Reconquest

The Catholic Kings and the Surrender of Granada

Fall of Granada
Queen Isabella of Castile
Married to Ferdinand of Aragon
-Last Muslim kingdom in Spain
I.e. The Catholic Kings
-Isabella of Castile
-Spons­orship of Columbus' voyage
-Jews expelled from Spain

Christ­opher Columbus

Genoese sailor
Looked for a powerful sponsor for his voyage
Wanted to find a new trade route to the Indies
Voyage motivated by commercial ambitions
Accide­ntally discovered new territ­ories of the Caribbean
Hispan­iola= Home to Taino people, became base for Spanish imperial expansion
Columbus brought back gifts to the Queen, while that Taino rebelled
1493- Pope Alexander gave Spain respon­sib­ility to convert native Caribbean people
1506- Columbus died, still believing he had discovered the Indies

Exchanges between the Old/New Worlds

From Europe
From "The New World"