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Buying A Used Rowing Machine Cheat Sheet by

Instructions and tips on how to find a great deal on a rowing machine.




Rowing machines are a fantastic piece of equipment to complete full-body workouts. If you have one at home then a good one can literally replace your gym member­ship. Problem is that the good ones that are well built and long-l­asting are quite expensive. So here's how you can buy a rowing machine and not spend a fortune.

How to find a great deal online

- When you find a machine you like, respond to the seller immedi­ately.


Use Amazon as a reference to get up-to-date info on the rower you are interested in.

Places to look online

Facebook Market­place

Tips To Help You

Only enquire about machines that have photos. If they don't, ask the seller to send you some photos first. Or even better, a video showcasing the entire machine and all its parts.
Go and view the rower personally before purchasing if possible. Ask the seller to make sure it is not packed up so that you can test it first yourself and see if everything is okay with it.
Do your research before paying. Look up how much a brand new version of the rower is and how much other used ones are selling for. Check to see if the rower has any damages. Don't be afraid to negotiate on the price but know that good second hand rowers sell very fast so you need to make a decision quickly.


Sellers love cash in hand. So make sure you are ready and able to pay in cash. This will increase the likelihood of the seller selling to you.

Concept2 Models

Concept2 rowers are the most popular by far. Finding a good second hand C2 is the holy grail. But be aware that there are different models. Obvioulsy the older models will not be as good. The newest are the Model D and Model E and the Dynamic.
List of C2s
Dynamic – Nov 2010–P­resent Model E – Aug 2006–P­resent Model D – Updated Aug 2006–P­resent / Original Jul 2003–Aug 2006 Model C – Manufa­ctured 1993–Jul 2003 Model B – Manufa­ctured 1986–1993 Model A – Manufa­ctured 1981–1986


Don't buy a rowing machine from a seller that only has official photos. Chances are they are fake listings trying to scam you.
If the price is too good to be true then it probably is. Good rowers arent cheap so if any offers are way under anything else you can find then be cautious.
Be careful if you decide to have your rower delivered. It may be a good price but then you may have to pay loads for the shipping fee. So always check this first.

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