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Freedom as an Existential Condition Cheat Sheet by

Freedom of the human person


People want to exercise their freedom
When we think about freedom deeply, we realize there are problems with its nature that we are not aware of
The classic problem of freedom is whether there is freedom or not.
If there is freedom, is it limited or absolute ?
Freedom is essential in a human person.
Aside from reason, what distin­guishes human beings from animals is freedom.
Human beings have the capacity to choose, to be free from and to be free for
The will of humanity is an instrument of free choice.


rejects the idea of freedom because, according to this theory, human behavior is determined by many factors, such as history, socio-­eco­nomic context, and physio­logical makeup, among others.

Jean Paul Sartre - Freedom

"Man is condemned to be free"
The concept of freedom is ontolo­gical (focuses on study of being)
Freedom is the very being of the human person (as being-­for­-it­self)
"to be free" does not mean "to obtain what one has wished­" but rather "by oneself to determine oneself to wish"
a person cannot escape from freedom

Josiah Stamp

It is easy to dodge our respon­sib­ili­ties, but we cannot dodge the conseq­uences of dodging our respon­sib­ili­ties.

Jean Paul Sartre - Respon­sib­ility

When there is freedom, there is respon­sib­ility.
The absolute respon­sib­ility of the person is freedom itself.
"­con­sci­ousness (of) being the incont­estable author of an event or an object (Sartre, 1993).
• Some people, however, disown their freedom, thereby neglecting their respon­sib­ility.

Aristotle - Respon­sib­ility

Human being is rational (based on facts or reason and not by emotion).
Reason can legislate (control), but only through will can its legisl­ation be translated into action.
The will of humanity is an instrument of free choice. It is within the power of everyone to be good or bad, worthy or worthless.
Moral acts, which are always particular acts, are in our power and we are respon­sible for them. Character or habit is no excuse for immoral conduct.

St. Thomas of Aquinas - Respon­sib­ility

Love is Freedom
Of all creatures of God, human beings have the unique power to change themselves and the things around them for the better.
A human beings therefore, has a supern­atural transc­end­ental destiny
The power of change, however, cannot be done by human beings alone, but is achieved through cooper­ation with God.
For love is in consonance with humanity`s free nature, for law commands and complete; love only calls and invites.
St. Thomas emphasizes the freedom of humanity but chooses love in governing humanity`s life.
Since God is love, then love is the guiding principle of humanity toward –self- perception and happiness his ultimate destiny.

Jean Jacques Rousseau - Respon­sib­ility

t famous and influe­ntial philos­ophers of the French enligh­tenment in the 18th century
In his book The Social Contract he elaborated his theory of human nature.
Human beings must form a community or civil community to protect themselves from one another, because the nature of human beings is to wage war against one another
And since by nature, humanity tends toward self-p­res­erv­ation, then it follows that they must come to a free mutual agreement to protect themse­lves.


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