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HassBot Commands Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is the Cheat Sheet for Home Assistant's Discord Bot - called HassBot

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Share & Format

Gives you inform­ation on which sites to use in order to share inform­ation or files with other Discord members.
Gives you a link to an animated GIF that shows how to paste code using proper format.
Checks a given code is in proper YAML format.
Usage: ~yaml? ```yaml
Your YAML code

Basic Bot Commands

Provides Help Inform­ation
Provides details about the author, software version and runtime details
Responds with "­Pon­g!" if the bot is up and running. Run this command to check if the bot is running.
Responds with "­Pin­g!" - PLay ping-pong game with the bot - but do not do it in public channels. Do it in DM with the bot if you are bored!
Forces the Hassbot to reload sitemap, commands and other data
Basic welcome note, reminds you of rules.

Search Commands

Looks up for a specific Keyword. It looks up in the Home Assist­ant's Sitemap file.
Usage: ~lookup sensor
Conducts deep search and provides you the results in your DM. This command may respond with large amounts of data and may take time. Use it with caution.
Shows you list of commands available for you to run

Invoking HassBot

You can invoke HassBot by using ~ and . keyboard charac­ters. Any command that starts with either ~ or . will invoke Hassbot, and if there is a command available, it responds, otherwise it will simply ignore. To invoke help command, run the following:

~help or .help

The source code for the HassBot is available at https:­//g­ith­ub.c­om­/sk­ala­val­a/H­assBot

Fun Commands

Predicts an answer to a given question.
Usage: ~8ball question @user
Let me google that for you!
Usage: ~lmgtfy Search­String @user

Docume­ntation Search

Hassbot provides a quick and easy way to search for content that is available on Home Assist­ant's Docs site. HassBot uses Sitemap data to search for content and provides you the results in the form of URLs.

For ex: To search for Binary Sensor, you can run any of the following commands:

~lookup binary sensor
~lookup sensor binary

All the commands will give you a link to https:­//w­ww.h­om­e-a­ssi­sta­nt.i­o/­com­pon­ent­s/b­ina­ry_­sensor/

AFK (Away From Keyboard)

Use this command to let people know that you are away with a custom message.
Usage: ~away back in an hour
Until you return, anyone mentions your name will be provided with that message. As soon as you post a message, that away status will be taken away.

Basic Conversion Commands

Converts a given JSON content to YAML
Converts a given YAML text to JSON
Converts Celsius to Fahrenheit
Converts Fahrenheit to Celsius
Converts a given Hex value to Decimal
Converts a given decimal value to Hex
Converts Binary value to Decimal
Converts a Decimal value to BInary
Encodes a given string using Base64 encoding
Decodes a given Base64 encoded string