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New Employee Reference Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Reference checklist for new employees

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

What is this refere­rence sheet used for?

Welcome to Duke's!

This reference sheet is intended to give you a quick way to remember the top most important things you need to know as a brand new employee with our company.

Your Benefits

What is my deadline to enroll in benefits?
ASAP but no later than 30 days of your hire date
Where do I enroll?
Online at ADP Workforce Now
When are my benefits effective?
1st of month following your start date
Who should I contact for help?
Human Resources at xxxxx

Your Paycheck

How often am I paid?
Weekly on Fridays
Where do I enter my W-4 tax withho­lding inform­ation?
Online via ADP
How do I set up my direct deposit?
Online via ADP
Who do I contact for help?
Payroll Dept. at xxxxx

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Your Technology

Where do I receive my user name and password?
IT Dept. at xxxx
Who do I for IT Support?
IT Dept. at xxxx

Your Expenses

Where are the policies for expense reimbu­rsments located?
How do I submit my expenses for reimbu­rse­ment?
Who do I call for help with expense reports?
Your immediate supervisor or payroll at xxxx
Where are the instru­ctions for how do to this?
You will receive an email entitled Expense Reporting

Company Policies & Procedures

Where is the company's Employee Handbook located?
Online via ADP
What if I have a question that is not addressed in the handbook?
Contact HR At xxxx

Workplace Injuries & Accident Reporting

How do I report an accident or injury?
Contact XXXXXX
What if my injury is minor?
Contact your supervisor

My Notes

Jot down any notes in this area:





My Superv­isor's Contact Inform­ation

Phone/Text Number:
Email Address: