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CtrlP Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Full path fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, ... finder for Vim.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Basic Usage

:CtrlP or :CtrlP [start­ing­-di­rec­tory]
to invoke CtrlP in find file mode.
:CtrlP­Buffer or :CtrlPMRU
to start CtrlP in find buffer or find MRU file mode.
to search in Files, Buffers and MRU files at the same time.
:help ctrlp-­com­mands and :help ctrlp-­ext­ensions
for other commands.

For further reference


Once CtrlP is Open

to purge the cache for the current directory to get new files, remove deleted files and apply new ignore options.
<C-­f> and <C-­b>
to cycle between modes.
to switch to filename search instead of full path.
to switch to regexp mode.
<C-­j>, <C-­k>
or the arrow keys to navigate the result.
<C-­t> or <C-­v>, <C-­x>
to open the selected entry in a new tab or in a new split.
<C-­n>, <C-­p>
to select the next/p­revious string in the prompt's history.
to create a new file and its parent direct­ories.
to mark/u­nmark multiple files and <C-­o> to open them.
to go up the directory tree by one or multiple levels.
End the input string with a colon :
followed by a command to execute it on the opening file(s): Use :25 to jump to line 25. Use :diffthis when opening multiple files to run :diffthis on the first 4 files.
Run :help ctrlp-­map­pings or submit ? in CtrlP for more mapping help.