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Chinese For Travel Tips - Traveler's Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Chinese For Travel Tips Traveler's

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Asking Basic Questions in Chinese

Learn how to ask these basic questions in Chinese to help you begin commun­icating with others and gather useful inform­ation regarding direct­ions, time, and weather condit­ions:
How's it going? Nǐ zěnme yàng? (nee dzummuh yahng)
Do you speak English? Nǐ huì shuō Yīngyŭ ma? (nee hway shwaw eeng yew mah)
Can you help me? Néng bùnéng bāngmáng? (nung boo nung bahng mahng)
What is your name? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? (nee jyaow shummah meeng dzuh)
What's the weather like? Tiānqi zěnme yàng? (tyan chee dzummuh yahng)
How much is this? Zhèige duōshăo qián? (jay guh dwaw shaow chyan)
Where do I find . . . ? Zài năr zhăo . . . ? (dzye nar jaow . . . )
Where is the bathroom? Cèsuŏ zài năr? (tsuh swaw dzye nar)
What time do you open/c­lose? Nín jǐ diăn zhōng kāi/guān mén? (neen jee dyan joong kye/gwahn mun)
Could you please talk more slowly? Qǐng nǐ shuō màn yīdiăr. (cheeng nee shwaw mahn ee dyar)
Could you repeat that please? Qǐng nǐ zài shuō yícì. (cheeng nee dzye shwaw ee tsuh)

The Chinese Calendar

Get to know the days of the week and months of the year in Chinese. Remember that Chinese people recognize seven days in the week just as Americans do, but the Chinese week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Useful Chinese Expres­sions

Getting a conversion started in Chinese begins with learning basic greetings and polite phrases. Practicing and using these basic phrases goes a long way in establ­ishing a relati­onship and bridging the gap between the cultures — and is apprec­iated by Chines­e-s­peaking people.
Hello. Nǐ hăo. (nee how)
Good morning. Zăo. (dzaow)
Good night. Wăn ān. (wahn ahn)
Please. Qǐng. (cheeng)
Thank you. Xièxiè. (shyeh shyeh)
Excuse me. Duìbùqǐ. (dway boo chee)
I'm so sorry. Hěn bàoqiàn. (hun baow chyan)
I don't unders­tand. Wŏ bùdŏng. (waw boo doong)

Chinese Numbers

Learning to count in Chinese is important for handling your travel plans, money, dining, and shopping. This list can help you learn to pronounce some basic numbers in Chinese:

Chinese Phrases for Emerge­ncies

If an emergency arises and you or someone else needs help, these Chinese phrases will get the attention and help you need, so practice their pronun­cia­tion: