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A quick reference for the runes, their workings, and their symbols as intended for daily review and practice. This is not comprehensive; the intent is to be as cursory as possible for a quick,

Freya's Aett

The "life cycle". The pieces that compose us and make us whole, whether relating to mundane mastery, intell­ectual pursuits, or spiritual revela­tions.


Fehu creates physical dominion via the creation of opport­unity. While this could reference advanc­eme­nt-­ori­ented education, more commonly it will manifest as a newly revealed path that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. People will reach out to you, inform­ation will land on your desk, and synapses will connect. Ultima­tely, however it's done, Fehu leads to material mastery.


While most would say that Uruz manifests as physical strength, in my experience it relates more to wellness, consti­tution, and mental fortitude. Uruz will not empower you to be more than you are capable of. Rather, it will fill your vessel until it operates at the highest possible level. It will combat sickness and keep you moving forward regardless of the obstacles you face.


The unstop­pable force. Thurisaz represents the giants, defensive annihi­lation, and the unrest­ricted flow of power. It does not move until it is trespassed against, but will dig deep into enemies and oppres­sors. A "burn it all down" rune, it's not surgical in nature-- it's a hand grenade waiting to erupt. This run can sometimes lead to primal posses­sion, the magician taken by the sudden rise of energy.


The God speaks. It is similar to Kenaz in terms of revela­tion, but focuses directly on the spiritual. The invocation of Ansuz will bring forth a series of "­aha­!" moments in extremely rapid succes­sion. It will empower the user to control more force than they could normally muster, and will aid in spirit commun­ica­tion. In a way, this rune weakens the veil, making everything that crosses over that much more potent.


In many cases there cannot be change without motion. Raidho is not the motion itself, but the inciting force that causes it. It is the wanderlust that overtakes the mind while driving. It is the instin­ctual desire to see that which has not been seen. More import­antly, it is a catalyst for growth. That which we have not seen cannot be learned from. This rune pushes the user to explore, invest, and tinker.


Mundane knowledge, the illumi­nator of that which is dark. Kenaz is functi­onally similar to Ansuz, but more directly related to Malkuth. Kenaz will reveal hidden inform­ation about situat­ions, people, locations, and relati­ons­hips. It is more academic knowledge than that of Ansuz, though there is some crossover. The two can be mixed, but there's a danger of becoming too flush with inform­ation to act.


"­Joy­" in this case has a dual meaning. It is not just the manife­station of new sources of joy, but the ability to find joy in one's present circum­sta­nces. Often times we simply need to reattune our perspe­ctives in order to find happiness. It can also be a symbol of a positive resolution in the coming days. Regardless of circum­stance, it can be used as a pick-me-up on a difficult day.


Gebo relates to gifts, which can come in many forms. In any case, they will be unexpected in their arrival. Gebo usually denotes small, heart-felt objects and services. In many cases, it speaks of a positive manife­station via that specif­ically originates from another human being. The transfer of goodness from one to another.

Hagal's Aett

The imposition of outside forces into mundane life. These are things that affect us which are largely out of our control.


Wide-s­pread, all-en­com­passing interf­erence. Metaph­orical the "­maim, not kill" version of Isa, this rune will immedi­ately conjure the most annoying, inconv­enient problems imagin­able. Roads will shut down, web services will crash, tires will pop-- whatever can trip you up will appear in a cascade of misery. Whatever comes, you can be sure that it will be absolutely "­unp­lea­san­t".


Peace, wholeness, and righte­ous­ness. Sowilo is the universal "­goo­d" as it relates to our everyday lives. Often times it forecasts not only good things to come, but also the removal of toxicity from people and events in our lives. A rune that sometimes represents the circum­stances that allow healing, it is a part of most "­pos­iti­ve" workings. A good omen for the immediate future.


Goodness from above. While Ansuz is focused on revela­tion, Algiz is focused on manife­sta­tion. This is often used as a form of banishing or protec­tion. It is a "­hot­" rune and can be considered an aggressive defender, refusing to hold back when challe­nged. Unlike Thurisaz, however, it will follow your enemies home and continue to transg­ress. Sometimes used as a symbol of commun­ica­tion.


An extremely difficult rune to work with due to the oceans of difference between its manife­sta­tions. Perthro can relate directly to the divine feminine, but is more commonly used to represent "­luc­k" and the role is plays in a situation. It can also represent fate, but accurately determ­ining the difference between the two requires tangible gnosis. I would encourage most to view things from both sides.


Repres­enting death, renewals, and the everla­sting, this is probably the most hotly contested rune in the Futhark. Some say it is a gateway to Saturnian aspects of life, while others look to it as a powerful symbol of protec­tion-- in my experi­ence, this is usually due to the fact that Eihwaz is tied to the death current, the results of which manifest very differ­ently depending on the magician's works.


Inguz is the seed, while Jera is the scythe. Jera will rapidly bring the seeds that have been planted into manife­sta­tion. Similar to Pomba Gira's "you get what you deserv­e" style of energy, this rune will hasten things into fruition. IMPORTANT: make sure you've planted the right seeds. Make sure you've nurtured them well. Jera is dispas­sionate and will reward or punish you severely based on your work.


The immovable object. Isa is a curse; it will freeze anyone and anything in place, wholly unable to move. If you have something you need to stall the progre­ssion of, this is the rune to use. Isa can be implem­ented to curb bad habits or stop situations from running out of control, but it must be done with extreme care. Isa is a difficult rune to escape and it can take weeks or months to exorcise it.


Physical human needs. This does not generally relate to emotions, spiritual events, etc. Nauthiz will illuminate to the magician the things they require but have not managed to claim. It will rouse one to action where otherwise inaction would fester. If nauthiz speaks, you'd be best to listen-- you're probably missing something very simple and very important.

Tyr's Aett

Internal forces that we can muster to deal with external problems. Our own internal powers and capabi­lities, fortified through the runes.


Justice and war. Tiwaz is an emanation of the God Tyr. Where Uruz creates strength through wellness, Tyr imparts strength through divine presence. The metaph­orical adrenaline shot of the runes, this can be called on when you need to be more than you're capable of. It can also be used to mount resistance to the profane, uniting war-fi­ghters under a single and wholly unifying banner.


Birth, mother­hood, and all things feminine. While Perthro is sometimes seen as a female energy, Berkano is attributed specif­ically to womanhood. Beyond this, it serves as a divine spark-- a fulmin­ating wellspring of creation. If you need something to exist where it did not before, consider the applic­ations of Berkano. Additi­onally, it can be used to nurture those things that are created.


Ehwaz specif­ically relates to allies. Whether it be in the form of commun­ica­tion, mobility, or gifts, this rune notes that help is on the way-- people are rushing towards you in order to remove you from harm, build up your life, and jump into the trenches beside you. A very personable rune, it can be severely hampered if an individual is mostly closed off from the world. Mundane miracles.


Mankind and the traits of mankind. This rune speaks to people in your life and the things they need and want. It can relate strongly to accoun­tab­ility and making sure that people are holding up their end of a situation. Often times if Mannaz is drawn in relation to a problem, it means that someone involved is simply not doing what is necessary; they need to be removed or replaced.


Water, dreams, prophecy. Laguz, more than anything, emphasizes the need to be mutable in a situation; do not simply continue to do as you've always done. Do not adhere strictly to domga or accepted tenents of belief. Ebb and flow like water, reshape and be reshapen. Never forget that water can carve through stone and rust metal if given enough time. Listen to your dreams and omens.


The fool, the first steps of a journey. Inguz often times denotes that a spiritual force is active in the subjects life-- one that is working closely around them to tweak scenarios to their advantage. While some seeds can be poisonous, most produce healthy, wholesome fruit. While Berkano symbolizes the creation, inguz symbolizes the pre-cr­eation, planning, and KPIs related to something new.


The culmin­ation. Dagaz represents the end of night. While Jera is the beginning of this process, physically moving things to their endpoint, Dagaz is what comes immedi­ately after. It is truth, knowledge, and can often symbolize a period of stability and peace. In many ways, it is synonymous with rest and relaxa­tion-- not to excess, but in order to provide reflection and respite.


Inheri­tance. This rune speaks of family, community, and the things passed down from generation to genera­tion. It can mean a literal inheri­tance is on the way, or it can mean that a trait from the mother or father is about to make an appear­ance. If someone has sown seeds long enough to be considered as having a "­leg­acy­", then it can be tied to that.


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