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Windows Query Commands Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

These are the commands in obtaining the Buddy List information.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Tradit­ional Buddy List Commands

Log into ELA and verify security management
AD or ADLDS (alter­native option)
Log into adsied­it.msc
Server Setup
Verify SQL Mgmt Studio
Server Setup (alter­native option)
Verify Agency Setup in Technical Services Customer Profile
Network Enviro­nment
Windows + Pause/­Break
Network Enviro­nment (alter­native 1)
Windows + Run, sysdm.cpl
Network Enviro­nment (alter­native 2)
Windows + E; Right-­Click My PC; select properties
Windows +R; firewa­ll.cpl
Firewall (alter­native option)
advanced Firewall
Verify Windows Security
Ensure you are logged on as Admin
command prompt "who am I"
System Defaults (creator, system, authen­ticated users)
Everyone (full permis­sions)
Client Machine
Ensure IE running as default
To connect to ADSI
CD=Evi­den­ceL­ibrary | localhost

How to Acess Windows Security: Access Control Panel + System and Security + Security Mainte­nance
Open Settings + type in virus and threat protection

Altern­ative Commands