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HTML5/CSS3 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

HTML5/CSS cheatsheet based on google's style guide

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Omit the protocol from embedded resources.
Not recomm­ended
<script src="ht­tps­://­www.go­ogl­e.c­om/­aut­otr­ack.js­"­></­scr­ipt>
<script src="//­www.go­ogl­e.c­om/­aut­otr­ack.js­"­></­scr­ipt>
.example {
backgr­ound: url(ht­tps­://­www.go­ogl­e.c­om/­ima­ges­/ex­ample);
.example {
backgr­ound: url(//­www.go­ogl­e.c­om/­ima­ges­/ex­ample);
Omit the protocol portion (http:, https:) from URLs pointing to images and other media files, style sheets, and scripts unless the respective files are not available over both protocols.


Indent by 2 spaces at a time.
<ul> <li­>Fa­ntastic <li­>Great </u­l>
.example { color: blue; }
Don’t use tabs or mix tabs and spaces for indent­ation.