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This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

5 Step Rehearsal Process

Table Read
Read the script out loud
Content Mapping
Go through text and mark up
Plan physical movement on stage
Improv­isation and re-write
Edit content
Rehearsal (Invited, Open, Tech)

Make Your Case

The Goal
What's the Shared Goal?
e.g., Grow Market Share
The Problem
What's the REAL obstacle / challenge that we need to overcome
e.g., Increased competion and market fatigue
The Idea
What's the new way of seeing things, the concept we need to understand in order to move forward?
e.g., We are pioneers in this area
The Change
The shift we need to make
e.g., Renewed emphasis on mainta­ining our patient base
The Actions
The action steps to make bring the change to life
e.g., Lead, Execute and maintain consis­tency