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15 Classic Australian Indoor Games for All Ages by


A timeless favorite, darts is a game of skill and precision. Players take turns throwing darts at a circular target board, aiming to score points by hitting specific areas of the board.


A game of strategy and intellect, chess is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Test your tactical skills and outsmart your opponent in this iconic board game.


Test your steady hand and nerves of steel with a game of Jenga. Players take turns removing wooden blocks from a tower and balancing them on top, trying to avoid causing the tower to collapse.

Indoor Bowling

Set up a makeshift bowling alley in your living room and enjoy a game of indoor bowling. Use household items as makeshift pins and a ball to knock them down, aiming for strikes and spares.


A game of creativity and commun­ica­tion, charades is a classic party game that never fails to entertain. Act out words or phrases without speaking, and challenge your teammates to guess the correct answer before time runs out.


Similar to pool but with more challe­nging rules and a larger table, snooker is a popular indoor game in Australia. Players use a cue to pot colored balls into pockets, aiming to score points and outman­euver their opponents.


Also known as draughts, checkers is a simple yet challe­nging game that requires careful planning and foresight. Move your pieces strate­gically to capture your opponent's pieces and claim victory.


Unleash your inner artist with a game of Pictio­nary. Players take turns drawing clues on a whiteboard while their teammates try to guess the word or phrase before the timer runs out.

Indoor Mini Golf

Transform your home into a mini-golf course and putt your way to victory. Set up obstacles and challenges using household items and see who can complete the course with the fewest strokes.


Get tangled up in laughter with a game of Twister. Players contort their bodies to place their hands and feet on different colored circles on a mat, resulting in hilarious and unpred­ictable twists and turns.

Table Tennis

Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned pro, table tennis is a fast-paced and exhila­rating indoor game. All you need is a table, paddles, and a ball to enjoy hours of compet­itive fun.


Put your knowledge to the test with a game of trivia. Divide into teams and answer questions from various catego­ries, including history, pop culture, sports, and more, to see who reigns supreme as the trivia champion.

Card Games

From poker and blackjack to euchre and bridge, card games offer endless possib­ilities for indoor entert­ain­ment. Gather your friends or family and enjoy a friendly game of cards for hours of fun.


Flex your vocabulary and strategic skills with a game of Scrabble. Create words on the game board using letter tiles and score points based on the letters' values and placement.


Embark on a journey of buying, trading, and building with a game of Monopoly. Accumulate proper­ties, collect rent, and bankrupt your opponents to emerge victorious in this iconic board game.


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