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Short term stress vs. Long term stress

Short term stress
Long term stress
Provide more energy
Feeling of drain & depleted
Increase motiva­tional level
Frequent viral infections
Common side effect. Ex: irritating or angry
Digestive issues
Sadness/ Depression
Skin issues
Affect thinking and ability to focus
More confused and forgetful
Headaches, digestive problems, sleep or chronic issues

Coping strategies

Emotion coping strategy
Problem solving coping strategy
Distract from other activities
Active coping Ex: join support group, doing online research, Planning ahead
Talk about owned experience
Passive coping Ex: surrender, sharing but not seeking advice, avoidance
Write journal
Drink alcohol & drinking
Engage in relaxing activities
Humor in talking
==> Cant do much to change the situation, change our view

12 stages model burn out

12 stages model burn out
Compulsion to prove oneself
Work harder
Neglecting needs
Displa­cement of conflicts
Revision of values
Work is the only focus
Denial of emerging problems
Odd behavior changes
Inner emptiness


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