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I don't know how to think when I draw so I made this

Seeing Effect­ively

“Forge­tting” means that “we try to suspend what we think we know about its identity and instead see it as a composite of basic visual elements like shapes, forms, lines, value-­shapes, etc
See the way a baby sees, a random splash of lights, colors, and other basic elements. They have no concept of what certain objects are.
Be aware of what your eyes see, as if you were seeing a picture frame.
See things in terms of basic visual elements like lines, shapes, and forms instead of "­obj­ect­s"
Concen­trate on the subject more than the paper
Try not to focus on a tiny section of what you see, instead view what you see as a whole
See the visual elements by visual­izing them on top of what you see. It's the same way you see negative spaces.

Forgetting the Subject

Image from Alphonso Dunn's video "­Common Contra­dictory Drawing Advice Pt. 3"

What to Think About?

Drawing can be described as look, hold draw. Look at the subject, hold at line or shape in your head, then draw it.
Orient your thoughts to be more practical. Give them a bigger focus on the subject rather than the drawing itself
Drawing mostly happens in your head, not on the paper. Make sure you know what you're going to draw before you put it down.
It is easier to draw lines, shapes, and forms than it is to draw objects.
You should be thinking purely visually without using symbols to draw.


Focus more on what you're visual­izing than what you're seeing
You visualize what you see on the page. It's as if the drawing was actually in front of you and you are tracing it.
Visualize in 3 dimensions rather than a flat space.

Mindfu­lne­ss/­Per­ipheral Awareness

Be aware of the senses you body takes in. What happens is your consci­ous­/brain space is being taken up by the awareness of these thoughts. You’re essent­ially letting your consci­ousness and thoughts be overwh­elmed by the sensations you feel.
So when you’re drawing, the image of what you see is actively inside your mind.
The best way to do this is treat it like a watchful alert/­radar system that scans the present moment for these sensations and thoughts.
Noting them actually happens in your conscious. The sensations actually happen in them.
It’s important not to have thoughts ABOUT these sensat­ions, only focus on the sensations themse­lves.

Basic Visual Vocabulary

Length, direction, angle, division
Two-di­men­sional area
Three Dimens­ional Volume
The volume in which forms and objects exist.


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