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vim org mode

Editing structure

insert heading above
insert heading below, taking over children
insert heading above, after children
move heading down
move heading up
move subtree down
move subtree up
yank heading
delete heading
yank subtree
delete subtree
paste subtree
>> or >ah
demote header
<< or <ah
promote heading
demote subtree
promote subtree

Tags and properties

set tag


goto link
yank link
insert link
next link
prev link

Using TODO states

Any headline becomes a TODO item when it starts with the word ‘TODO’,
for example: * TODO Write letter to Sam Fortune

<Lo­cal­Lea­der­>ct: Rotate the TODO state of the current item among.
,-> (unmarked) -> TODO -> DONE --.

Multi-­state workflows

You can use TODO keywords to indicate different 'seque­ntial' states in
the process of working on an item, for example:
:let g:org_­tod­o_k­eyw­ord­s=[­'TODO', 'FEEDB­ACK', 'VERIFY', '|', 'DONE', 'DELEG­ATED']

The vertical bar separates the TODO keywords (states that 'need action')
from the DONE states (which need 'no further action'). If you don’t
provide the separator bar, the last state is used as the DONE state.
With this setup, the command <S-­Rig­ht> will cycle an entry from TODO to
FEEDBACK, then to VERIFY, and finally to DONE and DELEGATED.

Plain lists

<lo­cal­lea­der­>cl or <CR>
insert plainlist item below
<lo­cal­lea­der­>cL or <C-­S-C­R>
insert plainlist item above

TODO lists

select keyword
prev keyword
next keyword
previous keyword set
next keyword set

Checkbox lists

toggle checkbox
<lo­cal­lea­der­>cn or <CR>
insert checkbox below
<lo­cal­lea­der­>cN or <C-­S-C­R>
insert checkbox above

Breaking tasks down into subtasks

To keep the overview over the
fraction of subtasks that are already completed, insert either ‘[/]’ or
‘[%]’ anywhere in the headline. These cookies will be updated each time
the TODO status of a child changes. For example:
* Organize Party [33%]

    ** TODO Call people [1/2]

    * TODO Peter

    * DONE Sarah

    ** TODO Buy food

    ** DONE Talk to neighbor

<lo­cal­lea­der­>c# Update the checkboxes status of current heading. It
also update the heading status too.


export as PDF
export as beamer PDF
export as HTML
export as LaTeX


insert date
insert inactive date
insert date by using calendar selection
insert inactive date by using calendar selection


agenda for the week
agenda of all TODOs
agenda for the week for current buffer
agenda of all TODOs for current buffer


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