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Idea Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Ctrl + Space
Standard Code Completion
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Smart Code Completion
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Completes statement if not complete (adds ; for example), if complete it goes to a new next line even if cursor is in the middle.
Ctrl + P
Params inform­ation.
Ctrl + Q
Quick doc lookup
Shift + F1
External doc if any.
Ctrl + hover mouse over code
Brief Info
Ctrl + F1
Show descri­ption of error or warning at caret.
Alt + Insert
Generate Code (getters, setters, ..etc). If in project menu however, it gives the new menu context.
Ctrl + O
Override Methods, gives a popup menu that let's you select what methodto override in the current class.
Ctrl + I
Implement Methods
Ctrl + Alt + T
Surround with (try ..catch, if .. else, etc..).
Ctrl + /
Comment / Uncomment line comment.
Ctrl + Shift + /
Comment / Uncomment block comment.
Ctrl + W
Select increa­singly.
Ctrl + Shift + W
Decrease selection to last state.
Alt + Q
Context menu.
Alt + Enter
Intention actions and quick fixes.
Ctrl + Alt + L
Reformat Code.
Ctrl + Alt + O
Optimize imports.
Ctrl + Alt + I
Auto Indent Lines.
in a menu, activates the selected option.
Ctrl + C
Copy selected / current line to clipboard.
Ctrl + X
Cut selected / current line to clipboard.
Ctrl + V
Paste from clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + V
Past from buffer.
Ctrl + D
Duplicate current / selected line.
Ctrl + Y
Delete Line at caret.
Ctrl + Shift + J
Smart Line Join.
Ctrl + Enter
smart line split.
Shift + Enter
Start new line.
Ctrl + Shift + U
Toggle case for word / selected block.
Ctrl + Shift + [
select till block start.
Ctrl + Shift + ]
select till block end.
Ctrl + Delete
Delete to world end.
Ctrl + Backspace
Delete till word start.
Ctrl + [+/-]
expand collapse block
Ctrl + Shift + [+]
expand all
Ctrl + Shift + [-]
collapse all
Ctrl + F4
Close Active Tab
Ctrl + Shift + [Up / Down]
Move line of code or block.

Search / Replace

Double Shift
Search Everyw­here.
Ctrl + F
Find next
Shift + F3
Find previous.
Ctrl + R
Ctrl + Shift + F
Find in path.
Ctrl + Shift + R
Replace in path.
Ctrl + Shift + S
Search struct­urally (ultimate only).
Ctrl + Shift + M
Replace struct­urally (ultimate only).


step over.
step into.
Shift + F7
smart step into.
Shift + F8
step out.
Alt + F9
run to cursor.
Alt + F8
evaluate expres­sion.
Resume program.
Ctrl + F8
Toggle Breakp­oint.
Ctrl + Shift + F8
View Breakp­oints.


Ctrl + N
Go to class.
Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to file.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Go to symbol.
Alt + [Right / left]
Go to next / previous tab.
Go back to previous tool window.
Go to editor from tool window.
Shift + Esc
Hide active or last active window.
Ctrl + Shift + F4
close active (run, file, tab, messages, find ..etc).
Ctrl + G
Go to line.
Ctrl + E
Recent file popup.
Ctrl + Alt + [left/­right]
navigate Forwar­d/B­ack­ward.
Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Navigate to last edit location.
Alt + F1
Select current File / Symbol in any view.
Ctrl + B Or Ctrl + Click
Go to declar­ation.
Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to implem­ent­ation.
Ctrl + Shift + I
Open quick definition lookup.
Ctrl + Shift + B
Go to type declar­ation.
Ctrl + U
Go to super method / class.
Alt + [Up / Down]
Go to prev / next method.
Ctrl + ] / [
Go to code black start / end.
Ctrl + F12
File structure popup.
Ctrl + H
Type Hierarchy.
Ctrl + Shift + H
Method Hierarchy.
Ctrl + Alt + H
Call Hierarchy.
F2 / Shift + F2
Next previous error.
F4 /Ctrl + Enter
Edit source / view source
Alt + Home
Show navigation bar.
Toggle Anonymous bookmark.
Ctrl + F11
Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Ctrl + [0 - 9]
Go to numbered bookmark.
Shift + F11
Show bookmarks.

Usage Search

Alt + F7
Find usages
Ctrl + F7
Find usages in file
Ctrl + Shift + F7
Highlight usages in file.
Ctrl + Alt + F7
Show usages.

Compile and Run

Ctrl + F9
Make project.
Ctrl + Shift + F9
Compile selected (File, package or module).
Alt + Shift + F10
Select Config and run.
Alt + Shift + F9
Select Config and debug.
Shift + 10
Shift + F9
Ctrl + Shift + F10
Run context config­uration from editor.