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python loves you Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

cheaters may fail

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


str() = string
int()= integer
float() = decimal numbers
len() = length of word
datetime() = date
boolean() = true/false
input () = input data from users
s.lower() = uncapi­talised
s.upper() = capita­lised
# = line comment
"­"­"....""" = multi line comment.

calcul­ation pock pock loves you

maths works
== means equal
!= means unequal
> means more than
< means less than
>= means more than or equals
<= means less than or equals
% means module (remin­ders)
/ means division for decimals
// means division from integers
* means multip­lic­ation
** means power to ...

condit­ional statements

string + string is possible
string + number is impossible
number + number will work as addition
number - number will work as subtra­ction
string * string will fail for sure
string ** string will also end up fail!
string ** number will fail as well!

IT vocals are impossible to learn

variable = represents value
string = characters that could be number or letters
float = decimal
integer = rounded numbers
modulo = remainders
boolean = true/false
syntax = structure of code
length = length of string­(words)
list = .............