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Innovative Idea Generation Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Here are some techniques you can explore to generate innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for quick fixes:

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

1. Cross-­Dis­cip­linary Brains­tor­ming:

Their diverse perspe­ctives can spark unconv­ent­ional ideas.
Collab­orate with colleagues from different depart­ments (e.g., marketing, design, finance).

2. Analogical Thinking:

Draw parallels between unrelated domains.
Ask: “How does this problem resemble something else I’ve encoun­tered?”

3. SCRAMPER Technique:

Substitute: Replace a component or process with something unexpe­cted.
Combine: Merge elements in novel ways.
Adapt: Modify existing solutions for a new context.
Modify: Alter parameters (size, shape, timing)
Put to Other Uses: Repurpose existing tools or materials.
Eliminate: Remove unnece­ssary steps sor compon­ents.
Reverse: Flip the problem or process

5. Provoc­ation Technique:

Exaggerate the problem or constr­aints.
Ask: “What if we had unlimited resour­ces?” or “What if gravity didn’t exist?”

4. Random Word Associ­ation:

Pick a random work and connect it to your problem.
It triggers fresh thinking.

6. Oblique Strategies Cards:

Created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.
Shuffle cards with cryptic prompts.
Let randomness guide your thinking.

7. Reverse Engine­ering:

Disass­emble a product or process.
Understand how it works and find unconv­ent­ional solutions.

8. Borrow from Nature (Biomi­micry):

Study natural systems (e.g., spider silk, lotus leaves).
Apply their principles to engine­ering challe­nges.

9. Constr­ain­ts-­Driven Creati­vity:

Limit resources intent­ionally (time, budget, materi­als).
Necessity breeds creati­vity.

10. Crowds­ourcing Ideas:

Engage collea­gues, online commun­ities, or social media.
Collect diverse sugges­tions.