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Edge Of Midnight Guide

Connecting to the Mud

In order to play The Edge of Midnight you will need to either log in though the Play Now link on our home page or download a mud client. The are a number of good clients out there though if you are new to mudding I suggest MUSHclient as it is a good free client.

Creating a Character

Before you start the character creation process I strongly suggest that you take a few minutes to look though the races and classes available to find a combin­ation that will fit the way you want your character to be.

Basic Creation Details

Now that you have your character concept you need to name your character, this needs to be a unique original name consisting of a first name only. You will be allowed to add a surname later.
After your name you will be asked to create a password. This needs to be something that is unique to you and that you will be able to remember .
After you set your password the game will ask for an email address, This is so the game can send you a reminder of your password if you need or warn you of impending auto purge which we will cover later in this guide. You will not be contacted for any other reason unless you request us to, and we do not share user inform­ation with other online services
At this point the MUD will offer you a chance to activate ANSI color, most mud clients are compatable with these colors to make the game more enjoyable to play. If you select not to use ANSI color at this time the mud will only display in your clients default text color. You can turn this on or off at anytime during play though the COLOR and NOCOLOR commands.

Choosing a Race

You will now be asked to select your race. Recall that each race has its own strengths and weakness. Some classes are also restricted to certain races so it is a good idea to read up on the race you wish to play. Player Races

Advanced Races

Dragons are an advanced race that in return for instrinsic abilities and gains sacrifice how much equipment they can use.
Dryads must pick a season in which they are at their strongest, the opposing season will see them at their weakest.

Player Stats

At this point you will be shown a list of six stats including Strength, Dexterity, Consti­tution, Wisdom, intell­igence, and Charisma. As a general rule the higher your stats the better. However each class is keyed off a separate stat so you will wish to read the class files for each of the bass classes before conforming your stats. If you wish to reroll your stats you can do so at this point by selection Y for yes or conform them with N. An explan­ation of each stat is provided when creating your character.


After selecting your race it is time to select weather you are a boy or a girl. Though it is important to recall that some races have default genders with the game will set you as regardless of your selection. However if your race gets changed by a polymorph spell you will revert to the gender you selected.
You may select from the following genders: male, female, neuter, hermap­hrodite or futanari

Character Class

At this point in the creation process you will be asked to select your class from a list of up to seven base classes. The list will differ depending on your race and abilities selections as not everyone qualifies for each class. The base classes are, Appren­tice, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Mage and, Thief.


The Edge of Midnight uses three primary alignm­ents. Good, Neutral and, Evil. At this point you will be asked to select with of the three you wish to start out play as. Your alignment with affect the skills that you will be able to use. Advanced classes you may qualify for and the experience you get for hunting various enemies in the game. You alignment will change as you play depending on how you play your character.


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