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Cytology smartPhrases Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Beaker SmartPhrases for Cytology at MDACC

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Keyboard Shortcut
Dragon Command
Activity Toolbar Buttons (sequence =#)
Press CTRL ALT #
Applic­ation Toolbar Buttons (sequence = #)
CTRL + #
Pres CTRL #
Click the Accept button
Alt + A
Click accept / Press ALT A
Click the Cancel button
Alt + C
Click Cancel/ Press ALT C
Click the Magnifying Glass
Shift + F5
Press Shift F5
Click the No button
Alt + N
Press ALT N
Click the Ok button
Alt + O
Press ALT O
Close the workspace
Ctrl + W
Close the Workspace
Exit Hyperspace
Alt + F4
Exit Hyperspace
Jump to Epic Search Box
Press Ctrl Spacebar
Jump to the Next Activity
Ctrl + Down
Press Ctrl Down
Jump to the Previous Activity
Ctrl + Up
Press Ctrl Up
Jump to the Next Workspace
Ctrl + Tab
Press Ctrl Tab
Jump to the Previous Workspace
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Press Ctrl Shift Tab
Log Out
Ctrl + Alt + L
Log Out
Open the Print Menu
Ctrl + P
Click Print
Secure the Workst­ation
Ctrl+ Alt+S
Secure Hyperspace

Result Pane/Text Box Shortcuts and Dragon Commands

Keyboard Shortcut
Dragon Command