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Past Simple Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

1 Past Simple Rules

1. Past facts
2. Repeated actions in the past
3. Action is over
4. Definite time in the past

4 Past Simple Indirect pointing of time

1. Контекст
2. Контекст времени, заданный второс­теп­енным предло­жением
3. Истори­ческий факт, либо невозм­ожность повторить данное действие в будующем
4. Возможное отсутствие результата действия в момент речи
last weekend, время не указано
I bought the book, when I was in the shop.
Popov invented the radio
I cooked the same salad.
5. Чередо­вание действий в прошлом
We did the project last week.
I came home and had a lunch
I drank my tea.
I read my book up yesterday.

2 Past Simple Key words

last week
when I was a child
last month
this morning (when meaning is past)

5 Past Simple Image

6 Past Simple Use

One action after another
Past habit
Short past finished action
I finished work, walked to the beach, and found a nice place to swim
He played the violin
I saw a movie yesterday

3 Past Simple Forms

Statement _
Questions ?
Negative -
1. Subject + 2nd form of verb
1. Helping verb did + subject +1st form of verb
1. Subject + helping verb did + not +1st form of verb
You worked
Did I work?
He did not (didn't) work
We worked
Did he work?
We did not (didn't) work
They worked
Did they work?
She did not (didn't) work
He worked
Did it work?
It did not (didn't) work
I worked
Did we work?
You did not (didn't) work
She worked
Did she work?
They did not (didn't) work
It worked
Did you work?
I did not (didn't) work
2. Learn the irregular verbs!