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Cell: The Unit of Life Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Cell basics are explained

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


What is an cell ?
A cell is the basic fundam­ental and Structural unit of living organisms
Organisms can be divided into unicel­lular and multic­ellular organisms .Unice­llular organisms are capable of indepe­ndent existence and performing essential functions of life
Anton Von Leeuwe­nhoek first saw and described a live cell and Robert brown discovered the nucleus
Invention of electron microscope revealed detailed structures of cells


MATHIAS SCHLEI­DEN:He is a German botanist who observed in 1838 that plants are composed of different types of cells which form the tissues of the plant
Final Shape of Cell theory :
THEODORE SCHWAN: He is a British zoologist who reported plants have a thin outer layer which is called plasma membrane today.And he also found out that plant cell is unique character of plant cells .Based on this he concluded all living organisms are composed of cells and products of cells
1:All living organisms are composed of cells and products of cells
RUDOLF VIRCHOW:He found out in 1855 that cells divided and new cells are formed from pre existing cells(­Omnis cellula-e cellula)
2:All cells arise from pre-ex­isting cells