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jQuery ajax([­opt])

data / type / url /dat­aType /suc­cess
time­out / comp­lete / global / ifMo­dif­ied
proc­ess­Data / cache / async / error / befo­reS­end / cont­ent­Type
$("#­exa­mple_j button­"­).c­lic­k(f­unc­tion(){
var aaa = $("#­exa­mple_j input:­fir­st").val();
var bbb = $("#­exa­mple_j input:­las­t").v­al();
type: "­POS­T",
url: "­aja­x/l­oad­/po­st.p­hp­",
data: ({a : aaa, b : bbb}),
success: functi­on(­dat­a){­$("#­exa­mple_j span").t­ex­t("Э’Ñ‹­Ð¿Ð­¾Ð»­Ð½Ð­µÐ½Ð¾! " + data);}

jQuery ready()

jQue­ry­(d­ocu­men­t).r­ea­dy(­fun­cti­on(­$) {
// Code using $ as usual goes here.

jQuery ajax

.get­JSO­N( url [, data] [, succes­s(data, textSt­atus, jqXHR)] )

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