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Classification Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Charac­ter­istics of Living Things:


Levels of Classi­fic­ation

Species: a group of organisms that can reproduce to produce fertile offspring.

Binomial System

-System of naming species.
-Two parts showing the genus and species.
Genus species

Kingdoms of Life


Kingdom Prokar­yotes

- Often Unicel­lular.
- No nucleus.
- Murein cell wall
- No mitoch­ondria.
- Some photos­ynt­hesize.
- Some are harmful eg:Cholera & tuberc­ulosis.
- Some play role in the carbon­/ni­trogen cycle.
- Some are used in biotec­hnology eg:tre­atment of sewage & making insulin
Bacteria: Single, very small cell, no true nucleus but have a cell wall.

Kingdom Protoctist

- Mostly unicel­lular but some are multic­ell­ular. eg: seaweed.
- Have nucleus.
-Some are plant-like w/ chloro­plast & cellulose cell walls others are animal like.
- Some are autotrophs others are hetero­trophs.
eg: Algae, Protozoa & Slime moulds.