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GBE NBSS Blood CNS barriers Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Anatomy and physiology of Blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid barriers Nutrient and metabolite transport in and out of the brain Relate blood-CNS barriers to diseases involving CNS

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Vascular supply of the brain
2 carotid arteries & 2 vertebral arteries --> merge to circle of willis --> pial arteries --> penetr­ating arteries --> penetr­ating arterioles --> intrac­erebral arterioles --> capill­aries
Capill­aries in brain
highly dense: 2500 - 3000 mm3, wall is 1 endoth­elial cell
Blood brain barrier
Semi permeable border of endoth­elial cells
The neurov­ascular unit



Nutrient and metabolite transport


Blood-CNS barriers & diseases


Extra lecture info

Paul Ehrlick
Trypan Blue, Intrav­enous injection: Body stained, CNS unstained
Trypan Blue, Intrav­enous injection: Body stained, CNS unstained BUT intrac­ere­bro­ven­tri­cular: CNS stained, Body unstained
Anatomy of blood brain barrier confirmed as at level of capill­aries
Electron micros­copy, macrom­ole­cular tracers (e.g horser­adish peroxi­dase)