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Commands and keyboard shortcuts for using tmux on Linux

Session Management

Create a new session
tmux new -s NAME
Attach to the most recently unattached session
tmux attach
Attach a particular session
tmux attach -t NAME
List open sessions
tmux ls
Kill a session
tmux kill-s­ession -t NAME
Detach from session
Rename current session
Ctrl + b
. Simply hold the Ctrl key down and press the b key. Then release the Ctrl key and type the next character.

Window / Tab management

Create a new window
Move to next window
Move to previous window
Rename window
$PREFIX + , (Comma)
Move to a particular window by id
$PREFIX + id (Starting form 0)
Move to a particular window intera­ctive

Pane Management

Horizo­ntally split the window
tmux split-­window -h
Horizo­ntally split the window
Vertically split the window
tmux split-­window -v
Vertically split the window
Zoom into/out of a pane
Convert pane to window
Change between panes
$PREFIX + Arrow Keys
Resize pane
($PREFIX + Arrow Keys)
To resize pane do not release Ctrl after pressing b. Hold it down and use arrow keys.


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