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Dracula Alt Cheat Sheet by

A cheatsheet to identify a Dracula alt in Marvel Discord.

Welcome to the Cheat Sheet

As the name states, this is to identify the alts of the one and only Dracula.

Dracula - Image He'd Send


Dracula - Person­ality Traits

Loves powers­caling
Loves argume­nts­/de­bates
Loves Dr. Doom partic­ularly

Dracula - Other Clues

1. Time zone is GMT+2
^ Check the screen­shots he sends as the time will be shown, look up the message he screen­shotted and you can find the time zone difference
2. Immedi­ately supports/defends Dracula and his other alts
3. Suddenly knows a lot about the server lore though the alt will be new
^ All the time it includes him knowing about certain server members and how they act
4. Simps for Emma Frost in her Hellfire Gala fit
5. Uses the
emoji a lot
6. Has the exact same file names
7. Will put up a heated argument in modmail post-ban, with condes­cen­dingly, rude sarcastic comments

Dracula - Speech Patterns

* Beware of profanity
says "DA fuck" instead of "­wtf­", "­tf", "the fuck" like normal people do
says "­OK" instead of the typical "­ok", "­oka­y" or "­k"
says "­Hmm­mmm­mmm­mmm­mmm­" a lot
says "­sca­lin­g" religi­ously
does **<­UPP­ERCASE or lowercase word>**
^ eg: "HE DID WHAAAA­AT", "­Act­ually it was super easy"
spells "­bar­ely­" as "­bar­ley­"
says "­tec­hno­mag­ica­l"


Discusses cosmic Marvel characters
Toxic POS
Loves arguing and "­deb­ati­ng"
Gets close with mods to avoid suspicions
If we see his alts by any chance, BAN HIM !!!


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