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Critical Thinking

History of Critical Thinking
Skills Needed
Intell­ectual Standards
The Beginning: Socrates
The ability to assess reasoning;
LISTENING to maximize the accurate unders­tanding of what others say
Early Years: Plato, Aristotle
The ability to take apart thoughts to draw logical conclu­sions.
READING: An active, intell­ect­ually engaged process of reading, interp­reting and unders­tanding text
Middle Ages: Francis Bacon
WRITING: Arranging our ideas in a logical order to express ourselves in a discip­lined manner
Today: Albert Einstein, Mark Twain
Elements of Reasoning: Purpose, Question at Issue, Point of View, Inform­ati­on/­Data, Concepts Theories and Ideas, Assump­tions, Implic­ati­ons­/Co­nse­que­nces, Inferences
Fallacy: An argument that appears sound, at first glance, but contains a flaw in reasoning which makes it unsound

Airpower: End of WWI Through WWII

Gen. Mitchell's Crusade
Org Changes
U.S. Offensive
End of War
Dickman Board of 1919•A­ssigned aviation units to ground control •Ident­ified aviation unit functions
Air Corps Act of 1926–C­hanged the name of the Air Service to Air Corps; implied the Air Corps was capable of indepe­ndent operatio
Four major targets were –Elect­rical power facili­tie­s–T­ran­spo­rtation assets and struct­ure­s–S­ynt­hetic petroleum production plants­–Ai­rcraft industry facilities
Japan surren­dered 15 August 19
Menoher Board of 1919-2­0•First nation to mobilize an air fleet in wartime would have the advantag
23•Army Air Corps and GHQ Air Force merged in June 1941 to form AA
Casablanca Conference (January 1943) establ­ished strategic bombing as a major object
WWII ended formally with ceremonies on the USS Missouri on 2 September 194
Gen Lemay- Tokyo fire bombing (strategic bombing)
Gen Tunner- China-­Ind­ia-­Burma Hump (Airlift)
Gen Spaatz- North Africa (Centr­alized Command, CAS,In­ter­dic­tion)
Gen Kenny- Tactical Island hopping (Inter­dic­tion)
Gen Arnold- Alaska flight and AA


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