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Cocktails Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A little sheet to help me cheat

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


8 mint leaves
2 lime wedges
50ml white Rum
15ml simple syrup/­2su­gar­cubes
Muddle mint and lime in glass, add rum and ice top with soda water and crushed Ice

French Martini

40ml vodka
20ml Chambord
60ml pineapple juice
Shake double strain into martini glass

Autum houde old fashioned

Dehydrated maple covered apple

Winter old fashioned

Orange Twists with a cherry


Add orange slice

Summer house Old Fashiond

strawberry fan

Rough Measures

64ml pre mix
20ml hennessy Fine
20ml peach liqure
25ml Antica formula
30ml Apple juice
15ml Lime juice
1bs orange sugar
candied orage crisp
Shake, double strain into nick and nora, clip crisp to the rim

On The Decks

37.5ml Manchester Gin
15ml Cuantreou
30ml grape juice
5ml simple syrup
De-hyd­rated blood orange
shake and double strain into a coupe

Gin and tonic-tini

50ml Manchester Gin
2bs olive brine
1bs tonic reduction
single olive
stir and strain into LSA

Ioanna's delight

37.5ml Tanqueray 10
25ml Grapefruit sherbert
7.5ml House super sour
125ml Soda water
Candied grapefruit peel
build in a collins class with cubed Ice, then top crushed Ice

Nicolas Sage

35ml Cambridge dry gin
45ml Pineapple juice
15ml Aperol Sage tincture
15ml sugar syrup
7.5ml Lime juice
Shake and double strain into a wine glass

Manchester Tart Punch

30ml Hvana 7yr
25ml rasberry puree
15ml luxardo Marchino
22.5 lemon juice
45ml apple juice
15ml coconut syrup
vanilla foam
2rasberrys and powder
Shake and strain into a gin balloon with cubed Ice

65th Street

75ml pre mix
45ml koko kanu
15ml Velvet falernum
15ml Cointreu
50ml pinapple juice
25ml Pink Grapefruit
25ml lime juice
1bs brown sugar
4 dash bitters
mint sprig, pink grapefruit slice, Cherry
Shake and strain into Collin with cubed

20 stories

5 grapes
22ml lemon juice
30ml honel and herbs
25ml lillet blanc
45ml Tanqueray
50ml red wine float
Grapefruit slice, fresh thyme
muddle grapes then Shake and strain into wine glass with ice, top with wine.

Blue blue

30ml Ketel One
15ml Blue curacao
15ml super sour
45ml apple juice
Large flower
Shake double strain into LSA

Petit ananas

30ml rasperry infused MCR
30ml Pinapple vermouth
Pinapple crisp
Stir and strain into LSA

northern spring punch

40ml manchester gin
30ml blood orange juice
22.5ml aperol
4 dash of onrange bitters
50 ml prosecco
Add to white wine glass with crushed ice

Apples and pears

40ml manchester gin
25ml vanilla compound
20ml apple liquor
soda top
dried pear
shake and double strain into into glass with cubed Ice, top with crushed