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Open a registered database

$open databa­seN­ame.db
The database doesn't need to be located in your working directory

Open an unregi­stered database

open databa­seN­ame.db
open with read and write access
open <access read> databa­seN­ame.db
open with read access
The database must be located in your working directory

Display prefer­ences

show v
print vertically
length full
display full length
width 1000
set width to 1000

Display contents of database

cata databa­seName
display all series in "­dat­aba­seN­ame­"
cata databa­seN­ame­'?s­tri­ngM­atch?
display all series containing "­str­ing­Mat­ch" in their mnemonic

Manipulate series

overla­y(s­eriesB <* to Mar201­5>, seriesC <Ap­r2015 to *>)
overlay two series

Query Details About Series

whats seriesName
returns the class, when the series was created and when it was last updated
disp source­(se­rie­sName)
returns the formalu if the series is a formula

Register a database

famedbreg -a /tmp/m­ydb.db
register mydb with path
make sure to set the permis­sions to 775

Additional docume­ntation



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