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URLs and commands used in the workshop



osc meta -e pkg <na­me>
Edit the meta inform­ation of a package (server)
osc mkpac <na­me>
Create a new package (client and server)
osc repos
Show reposi­tories configured for a project
osc build <re­po> <ar­ch> <re­cip­e>
Build a package on your local machine
osc vc
Edit the changes file
osc status
Show the status of the files in the working copy
osc add
Mark file to be added to the next commit
osc ci
Upload content to the package server
osc blame
Show who changed lines (similar to git blame)
osc info
Show inform­ation about the working copy
osc log
Shows the commit log of a packages
osc results
Show server side build results of a project or package
osc rbl <pr­oj> <pk­g> <re­po> <ar­ch>
Show server side build log
osc getbin­aries <re­po> <ar­ch>
Download binaries to a local directory
osc chroot
Open a shell inside of the build root
osc diff
Generates a diff based on the working copy
osc rdiff <op­roj> <ol­dpa­c> <np­roj> [<n­pac­>]
Server­-side "­pre­tty­" diff of two packages
osc checkc­ons­traints
Check the constr­aints and view compliant workers
osc service run | runall
Run configured source services (_service)
osc update
Update the local working copy
osc co <pr­oj>
Checkout <pr­oj> from repository sever
osc co <pr­oj> <pk­g>
Checkout <pk­g> from <pr­oj> from repository sever



Packaging Web
Packaging Mailing List
Packaging IRC
freenode #opens­use­-pa­ckaging
OBS Mailing List
freenode #opens­use­-bu­ild­service


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