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Inheritance Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by


This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Genotype vs phenotype

Traits that are in your genes but aren't always physically visible
Traits you can physically see

Dominant vs recessive genes

A gene that is ALWAYS shown in the phenotype
A gene that isn't always expressed in the phenotype
Capital letter
Repres­ented by a lower case letter

What was mendels method?

Made sure the plants were "pure breedi­ng" for the charac­ter­istic he wanted to study
Crossed pairs of contra­sting traits and discovered progeny resembled only one parent but still had genetic inform­ation for both traits- hybrids
Charac­ter­istic shown by the hybrids is dominant and the other he referred to as recessive.

Gene expression

Aa (one recessive one dominant)
AA or aa (either both dominant or recessive)

Principles of inheri­tance

During formation of gametes, factors separate and each gamete receives one of these factors. Gametes unite at fertil­ization allowing for different combin­ations of genes (principle of segreg­ation)
Hereditary charac­ter­istics were controlled by factors which occurred in pairs