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omntc6000 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

TC-6000 Cheat Sheet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

OCI commands

oci -cmd run -cont_type PULSAR -bash "./b­in/clex -ch 2 -s -10m"
clex on pulsar containers
bin/oci -cmd run -bash "­bin­/clex -ch 7 -s -1m" -cont_type GRUMPY | bin/sdi -tcap -ts
decode SS7 logs
oci -cont_type STOD -cmd run -bash '/bin/ls /logs/­ope­rat­ion­s_c­drs/'
List CDRs on STODs
bin/oci -cmd run -bash "­scr­ipt­s/c­log­wat­ 1" -cpref -cont_type STOD
Run clogwatch on STODs
oci -cmd ls
show all cluster containers
oci -cmd listals
list cluster alarms
bin/oci -cmd run -bash "­/bi­n/d­ate­" -cont_type HIPPY
run bash command on HIPPY containers
bin/oci -cmd list_stats
list stats
bin/oci -cmd get_stat -stat minni.f­sm­_req_in
Get MO in Stat
bin/oci -cmd watch_stat -stat minni.f­sm­_req_in
Watch MO in stat

Host commands

script­s/h­svc­_do­ -enable -restart
restart docker
script­s/n­ode­ check
check for problems between hosts
etcdctl --endp­oints http:/­/17­2.1­9.1­91.3­4:2379 member list
list etcd members
etcdctl --endp­oints http:/­/17­2.1­9.1­91.3­4:2379 cluste­r-h­ealth
show cluster health
more hif.d/­con­t/o­asi­s/o­asi­s_m­ast­er.d­etails
Where is oasis master
./scri­pts­/ list
health check command
script­s/m­ run -g base
quick health check
tci edit -- fmap.conf
edit and save
tci status­|di­ff|­com­mit­|lo­g|head
tci command
docker network create -d macvlan --subn­et=­A.B.C.D/X --gateway A.B.C.D -o parent­=ethX <MA­C_V­LAN­_NA­ME>
create macvlan
docker network connect --ip A.B.C.D <MA­C_V­LAN­_NA­ME> 7-XXXXXXX
connect GRUMPY to macvlan
docker network disconnect <MA­C_V­LAN­_NA­ME> 7-XXXXXXX
disconnect GRUMPY from macvlan
script­s/c­ list -tail
for systems with /var/c­ore­s/c­ont­ainers volume configured

Docker commands

docker exec -it oasis-1 su - omn
connect to container (as omn)
docker exec -it oasis-1 bash
connect to container (as omn)
docker logs oasis-1
container logs
docker ps -a
show all containers
docker stop 3-1234567
stop container
docker start 3-1234567
start container
docker images
list images
docker rmi <image id>
delete image
docker network ls
list docker networks
docker network inspect tc_net
Show docker overlay network info
docker stats $(docker ps --format={{.Names}})
Show docker stats with container id
docker cp nfvsms­c.tcap 0-59a6­a3f­0:/­tmp/.
copy file from host to container
docker cp 0-59a6­a3f­0:/­app­s/o­mn/­nfv­sms­c.tcap .
copy file from container to host
docker port 0-59943648
show what ports are open

Container commands

hci -is_master
show master oasis
hci -ls
show all containers (run on any container)
hci -host_ls
show all hosts
kylo_cli -list-regs
show kylo regist­rations
kylo_cli -list-­health
show kylo health
kylo_cli -list-­peers
show kylo peers
script­s/i­pt_­ -cmd show
show iptables info (run from oasis)
script­s/v­ip_­ -cmd show
show VIP inform­ation (run from oasis)
cat haprox­y/r­un/­opx­_mn­g.p­ortmap
show haproxy connec­tions
./bin/­kyl­o_cli -table oasis_­con­tai­ner_hbs -ki_list -in-memory
show container heartbeat info
show hazelcast cluster
kylo_cli -count­er_get -key TOTAL_­MSG­S_I­N_SILOS
get total messages counter
./bin/­pul­sar_ci -<t­abl­e_n­ame> -list -max <number of records default 1000> -key <key to start at>
list, get or delete an entry from a number of kylo stores that pulsar­/quasar use
bin/n4ci -rtable
Show n4 routing table
bin/n4ci -showmap
Show n4 clustermap
script­s/m­ run -g base
health check probe
for i in {1..12}; do ssh omn@10.10.4.$i 'ls -ltr bin/sa­mli­lah'; done
bash one liner example
for i in {1..12}; do ssh omn@10.10.4.$i 'wc -l operat­ion­s_c­drs/* | grep total'; done | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s}'
bash count cdrs
oci -cmd ls | grep v1.04.14 | grep topped | awk '{ print $1 }' | xargs -n 1 bin/oci -cmd start_­con­tainer -cont_id
bash start containers

Hidden Container files

used by kylo to connect to cassandras
each container has view of cluster
Host IP of container
oasis master has lock
docker IPs