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NetScaler CLI Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

NetScaler Basic Commands

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Initial Commands

colored CLI
set cli mode -color ON
User / Host / Time
set cli prompt %u@%h-%T

Show Basic Settings

Firmware Version
show version
show hostname
Hardware Details
show hardware
show interface -summary
SSL Summary
stat ssl
HA node config­uration
show node

NetScaler Config­uration Info

Show IPs
show ip
show feature
HA Modes
show ns mode
All Infos
show info
License Inform­ation
show license
Running Config­uration
show run | more

Show Load Balancing

Show VServer
show lb vserver <na­me>
Show All VServers
show lb vserver | more
Show Service
show service <sr­v>
Show Service Group
show servic­egroup <sr­vgr­p>
Show Monitor
show monitor <mo­n>
Show Presistent Sessions
show persis­ten­tse­ssions

Troubl­eshoot AAA Problems

to monitor all authen­tic­ation process:
cat /tmp/a­aa.d­ebug

Create LoadBa­lancing StoreFront

StoreFront Monitor
add lb monitor <St­ore­Fro­nt> STOREFRONT -scrip­tName -dispa­tcherIP -dispa­tch­erPort 3013 -secure YES -storename <St­ore>

Add StoreFront Server
add server <SF­01> <IP­1>
add server <SF­02> <IP­2>

Create Service Group
add servic­eGroup svcgrp­-St­ore­Fro­nt-SSL SSL -maxClient 0 -maxReq 0 -cip ENABLED X-Forw­ard­ed-For
bind servic­eGroup svcgrp­-St­ore­Fro­nt-SSL <SF­01> 443
bind servic­eGroup svcgrp­-St­ore­Fro­nt-SSL <SF­02> 443
bind servic­eGroup svcgrp­-St­ore­Fro­nt-SSL -monit­orName <St­ore­Fro­nt>

Create VServer
add lb vserver <lb­vip­-St­ore­Fro­nt-­SSL> SSL 443 -persi­ste­nceType SOURCEIP -timeout 60
bind lb vserver lbvip-­Sto­reF­ron­t-SSL <sv­cgr­p-S­tor­eFr­ont­-SS­L>
bind ssl vserver <lb­vip­-St­ore­Fro­nt-­SSL> -certk­eyName <Wi­ldC­orp­Com>

set ssl vserver <lb­vip­-St­ore­Fro­nt-­SSL> -sslRe­direct ENABLED -ssl3 DISABLED