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Imperial Rome & after Punic Wars Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Rome after punic wars

-after punic wars slaves were captured and worked on latifu­ndias (huge estates)
-plebeian class consisted mostly of returning soldiers because they did not have home or jobs
-Rich romans became currupt with money this led to civil war

2 brothers

-tiberius and grochus tried to help the poor by giving land and limiting estate size

Julius & triumv­irate and murder of Julius

-first triumv­irate consisted of julius ceaser, crassus and pompey
-Senate thought Ceasrer waas trying to ruin republic and be a dicator
-ceaser became absolute ruler of rome
-Ceaser continued adding more senators to senate to attempt and take over senate
-easrer added his friends to the senate for political power
-Ceaser granted citize­nship to greeks which angered Romans
-created jobs for poor and raised soldiers pay

Vast and powerful empire of imperal rome

-octavian, adopted son of Ceaser, accepts title of augustus
-Pax Rome: 207 yeqars of complete peace in rome

Economy & government of Pax rome

-agric­ulture is VERY important
-Augustus stabalized frontier, glorified rome with archit­ecture, ad set up civil service
-empire used uniform silver corn called denarius which made trade easier
-peace and prosperity depended on orderly transfer of power
-denarius comes from persian thinking
-roads connne­cting persia and russia