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About Ratings

  • If someone has rated one of your cheat sheets, please consider rating one of theirs.
  • Avoid "revenge ratings". If you receive a low rating, bear in mind that not everyone will find your cheat sheets as useful as you do!
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Rating Guidelines

Not sure what rating to give a cheat sheet? Here are some tips to help you rate fairly and consistently.

- Superb. A great guide, likely to be useful to anyone interested in the topic. Probably well presented, at least a page long, and uses tags.

- A good cheat sheet, with lots of useful information. Worth printing out a copy!

- A decent cheat sheet, but missing some useful information. A useful reference, but could do with some improvement.

- Room for improvement - probably not useful yet, but has potential with some more work.

- A poor cheat sheet, likely accidentally published too soon, doesn't have much useful content, contains abuse, or with other serious problems.