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PMO Quick Reminders Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Starting your Workday

1. Write daily to-do list of action items
2. Review­/Skim all your emails quickly
3. Reply to emails that have quick replies
4. Hold standups per projec­t/team
5. Add tasks to your "­to-­do" contin­uously throughout the day

Holding Standups

1. Hold standup at a regular time daily
2. Announce the time to all team members
3. Check your JIRA board prior to be prepared
4. Give platform to team to lead the standup
5. Only discuss items in current sprint
6. Hold standups for 15min or less
7. Analyze the sprint burndown - raise flags if neccessary
- Don't review every ticket in detail.

Starting New Projects

1. Review PRD, Proposal, Q&A and all documents
2. Finalize Initiation Checklist
3. Hold mtg and ask all questions needed to Account Manager, Technical person, or client
4. Review current website
5. Highlight issues or major functi­ona­lities or standouts or new features
6. Prepare for client kickoff mtg
7. Devise a plan for project overall scope
8. Commun­icate and meet with client and set a good first impression

Sending Emails

1. Reveive email from client
2a. Do not have a reply - acknow­ledge the email. Have a reply - skip to step 3
2b. Get answers to reply!!
2c. Write reply following steps below...
3. If you know the reply to the email - write your full reply
4. Review your writing
5. Check spelling & grammar
6. Check people in cc, subject & attach­ments

Requir­ements Check (daily)

1. Check tickets assigned to you for review
2. Initial check for requir­eme­nts­/us­ability
3a. Failed - return to developer with notes!
3b. Passed - send to QA for full review
3c. Blocked from client - send email to client ASAP

Writing Requir­eme­nts­/Ti­ckets

1. At start of projec­t/s­print: create template for tickets
2. Include all major info/r­equ­ire­ments in ticket
3. Rmr major functi­onality such as respon­sive, arabic, cross browser
4. Attach related info like animation, design, similar sites
5. Bullet point requir­ements for easy review
6. Include in proper epic/s­print
7. Include estimation for all tasks

Before Launching a Site

1. Review all requir­ements in scope to ensure completion
2. Ensure content, code, and feature freeze is all done
3. Finalize and sign pre-launch checklist
4. Prepare and sign off Acceptance Document for client
5. Test site on final server
6. Inform DevOps and make calendar invite
7. Get DNS access - set up CloudFlare
8. Launch the site

Holding Calls with Clients

1. Send client meeting request - invite all members
2. Prepare Meeting Agenda
3. Send Meeting Agenda ahead of time
4. Be on time - buzz client at time of call
5. All members involved should be present
6. End the call - write MOM within 1 business day

Writing Meeting Minutes

1. Write all items that took place in the meeting - Basecamp or Document
2. Highlight action items
3. Repeat action items in message body
4. Put deadlines for action items
5. Write ALL final decisions taken
6. Send to all members respon­sible
8. Review items to add to your to-do lists

Blocked Items from Client

1. First send message with full details of all items needed
2. Make info clear with numbered lists and deadlines
3. Follow up daily
4. BOLD and highlight very important notes about delay!
5. Request an immediate call, if needed
6. Send separate email with ALL info and crazy subject, if needed